Bugzilla at Ziptie Drags

When we heard about the Ziptie drags we were immediately drawn to the $3000 Hooptie Challenge. With our previous success at the GRM Challenge, we thought it would be a good event to attend. It's what we do. We talked about bringing two cars, but as the event grew closer we decided on one: Bugzilla.

We took the car to several test sessions and dialed the car in for the quickest E. T. Adjustments made were the addition of a two step rev limiter, and removal of mufflers. 

As the event was getting closer, the weather forecast predicted rain. We were worried that the event could end in another rain-out, but decided to press on. We arrived at the track as early as possible, and, big surprise, we were the first through tech. Very soon after the rain hit hard. Many of the planned evening activities were canceled, but we still took a stroll through the pits in the truck to check out the Roadkill cars. 

Our favorite car, the Crusher Impala, we noticed had an exposed air scoop, with no air cleaners to keep water from going directly into the engine. After receiving permission, we covered the air scoop with a garbage bag, in the pouring rain. Dad received a "bite" on his knuckle from the burred metal on the hood cutout. I noticed that the windows were rolled down. After receiving the nod to roll them up, I tried to open the door, and discovered that only the passenger's side inner door handle was functioning. Taking this into mind, I kept the passenger's side door cracked, so that the event staff would not be locked out. The event staff was very thankful, and offered us free cans of Brake Cleaner as a thank you.

The rest of the evening was filled with delicious Ice Cream sold for &1/pound. The following day was met with morning showers. As racing was being delayed, we were left with little to do. Soon we found out from the announcements, that someone had slammed the door on the Impala. The event announcer, called any and all car thieves to come and break into the car. Dad and I rushed up towards the car, to warn them that only the passenger's side door handle worked. We were stopped just before getting to the car to be interviewed by the event staff person who we had talked to the day before about covering the air scoop. Turns out he was the event announcer, and was commentating the event right next to the Impala. He thanked us again for the trash bag, and we were able to share our intents for being at the event. Just as the interview was coming to an end, we heard a "POP" followed by cheers. They had managed to get the door open.

An autograph session was soon followed by the rain stopping and the first test and tune session. Big surprise, we were first in line. After about a half hour of waiting for the event staff to finish drying the track, it was on. My father got to line up next to Patrick a good friend from the Challenge. Dad made a fair pass, but unfortunately, Patrick broke both half shafts. See video below. I apologize for the shakiness at the end. I was being shooed off the track.

Following the pass, Dad revealed to me that there was a fueling issue, and he had to cycle the fuel pump on and off to get down the track without fowling the plugs. An adjustment to timing, fuel pressure, and change in spark plugs later, and we were ready to run again. Unfortunately, lanes were closed for test and tune. Freiburger and Finnegan began drawing for their Fans vs F&F race. Our name was drawn among 10 other cars. After the test and tune session came to an end, they called cars for the race and car show in the staging lanes. To begin they announced the winners for the car show, and Finnegan chose a Beetle to win one of the prizes. He roughly stated that he loved and hated the car. He loved the styling, and stance of the car, but hated the car, because it was a Beetle, and he lost his first street race to a Beetle. After the car show awards ended, we were called to the starting line with the other 10 cars.

The rules were confusing, and at times it seemed they were made up on the spot, but eventually Finnegan put who he would race up to the crowd. The announcer start, "How about he Chevelle?" The crowd exclaimed, "The Bug! The Bug!" "How about the Camaro?" "The BUG! The BUG!" "How about the Bug?" Cheers erupted. It was on. Mike Finnegan of course chose their fastest car, The General Mayhem. Here is how the race went.

We won! Bugzilla took down Mike Finnegan in the General Mayhem!

At last the main event arrived. Judging for the $3000 Hooptie Challenge had begun. We were towards the end of the line, and as we grew closer, we grew worried that we would not be allowed to race. It became apparent that the decisions were based on worth and not cost. we finally made it to the line. Here is how the exchange went.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to race. We had an excellent time, and were very happy how Finnegan and Freiburger handled everything. 


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