1968 Volkswagen Beetle

Day 51 - August 29, 2008

Brakes were bled. Double 90 stainless steal scrap fuel line was fabricated and installed next to radiator to complete the coolant lines. Dave put in rear window glass. Gage holes were cut in dash. Sway bar and bushings were put under front end, but not connected. Temperature wiring and gages were mocked up to start car. Car first fired at 8:20pm. After replacing a bad transmission cooler line, the bug was refired, and car moved on its own for the first time at 8:33pm. (2 monthes to the day after starting the project)

2008-08-29 (1).jpg
2008-08-29 (2).jpg
2008-08-29 (3).jpg
2008-08-29 (4).jpg

Day 52 - August 31, 2008

Major set back.  A lot of time and momentum were lost in finding a new radiator, because the old one was bad. A scirocco radiator was used from the $2005 Fiat.  New mounts were made to install the radiator.

2008-08-31 (1).jpg
2008-08-31 (2).jpg
2008-08-31 (3).jpg

Day 53 - September 1, 2008

Paula and Calvin worked on the sunroof.

2008-09-01 (1).jpg
2008-09-01 (2).jpg

Day 54 - September 3, 2008

Column switch and NSS were worked on.  Jason worked on the sway bar mounts.

Day 55 - September 4, 2008

Shifter cover/ Switch panel was made.

2008-09-04 (1).jpg

Day 56 - September 5,2008

Hood stiffener was installed.

2008-09-05 (1).jpg
2008-09-05 (2).jpg

Day 57 - September 6, 2008

ON/OFF switch, master disconnect were mounted. Switch panel wiring was begun.

2008-09-06 (1).jpg
2008-09-06 (2).jpg
2008-09-06 (3).jpg

Day 58 - September 7, 2008

Bernie worked on sway bar mounts. Tom made a spacer. Cameron mounted the overflow. Calvin worked on the filler panels. Andy and Paula worked on the wiring.

2008-09-07 (1).jpg

Day 59 - September 8, 2008

Wiring, wiring, and more wiring…

Day 60 (September 9, 2008)

Floor was completely painted.